US Nurse Salaries Averaged by State.

How much can a Nurse earn on average?

Earnings are based on the demand and competitive nature of the job market, which will adjust for the cost of living from one area to another. Here are the average earnings for Registered Nurses across the US.

StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
New York – RN Salary$34.14$71,021
Massachusetts – RN Salary$33.97$70,658
Maryland – RN Salary$32.06$66,694
Nebraska – RN Salary$31.49$65,503
California – RN Salary$31.29$65,088
Vermont – RN Salary$31.29$65,088
Alaska – RN Salary$31.25$65,000
Nevada – RN Salary$31.25$65,000
Montana – RN Salary$31.25$65,000
North Dakota – RN Salary$31.25$65,000
Wyoming – RN Salary$31.25$65,000
Idaho – RN Salary$31.25$65,000
West Virginia – RN Salary$31.13$64,743
Washington – RN Salary$31.05$64,584
Hawaii – RN Salary$31.03$64,550
Connecticut – RN Salary$31.01$64,509
Virginia – RN Salary$30.59$63,618
Delaware – RN Salary$30.58$63,607
Arizona – RN Salary$30.53$63,499
New Hampshire – RN Salary$29.91$62,220
Rhode Island – RN Salary$29.90$62,195
New Jersey – RN Salary$29.78$61,937
Pennsylvania – RN Salary$29.70$61,786
Minnesota – RN Salary$29.61$61,592
Colorado – RN Salary$29.57$61,496
South Dakota – RN Salary$29.56$61,485
Louisiana – RN Salary$29.54$61,451
Oregon – RN Salary$29.46$61,272
South Carolina – RN Salary$29.42$61,203
Tennessee – RN Salary$29.28$60,907
Kansas – RN Salary$29.23$60,808
Kentucky – RN Salary$29.23$60,806
Ohio – RN Salary$29.21$60,761
Iowa – RN Salary$29.11$60,555
Indiana – RN Salary$29.04$60,397
Oklahoma – RN Salary$29.01$60,347
Utah – RN Salary$28.67$59,627
Wisconsin – RN Salary$28.43$59,132
Alabama – RN Salary$28.30$58,865
Georgia – RN Salary$28.15$58,550
Arkansas – RN Salary$28.12$58,489
New Mexico – RN Salary$28.01$58,255
Texas – RN Salary$27.88$57,984
Mississippi – RN Salary$27.61$57,430
Maine – RN Salary$27.47$57,130
Michigan – RN Salary$27.28$56,752
Illinois – RN Salary$27.19$56,559
Missouri – RN Salary$27.16$56,503
Florida – RN Salary$26.24$54,585
North Carolina – RN Salary$24.61$51,185